If things go to plan next year will be dominated by the TransContinental. As a 3,500+km race across Europe it will require some commitment on the bike to achieve some kind of readiness. This year the route goes from Brest on the westernmost tip of France to Burgas on the Black Sea via four checkpoints, there’s unfinished business here as I had to scratch from the race in 2017 as part of a pair and there’s something inside me that needs to tidy that away.

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If the TransContinental doesn’t happen then the TransPyrenees, Turino – Nice Rally and Tuscany Trail are all on the substitute bench. RPM90 bumped into the TransPyrenees in Tarascon-sur-Ariège this year on one of our trips and it got me very itchy, it’s also my favourite part of the world to ride a bike so has great appeal. At ‘only’ 1,000 kilometres long it’s short by endurance riding standards but the 25,000m+ of climbing will more than make up for that. I was seduced by the 700km mixed terrain Torino – Nice this year as several friends did the event and their pictures and stories were captivating. Also, there’s pizza and macchiati, which explains the draw of the Tuscany Trail as well.

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The rest of the year will be filled up by a bulging RPM90 calendar; Mallorca, Slovakia, Tuscany and a new destination of Greece mean that it’s going to be a busy season on the bike and by the looks of things I’m not going to spend much time off it. Can’t wait, send snacks.

Photos: Ben Briffet and Breakaway Digital