65KM / 40 Miles : Mixed Terrain : 720m Ascent

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Living in Sussex, It’s easy to get drawn towards the white chalk hills of the South Downs and accompanying woodland for pretty much every ride. They are home for RPM90. They are beautiful, challenging and that rolling landscape houses a myriad of routes deeply set into the mind from years spent playing here. They allow you to simply throw some kit on, put some snacks in your pocket, grab your bike and go. Minimal faff. Plenty of fun.

With the lockdown meaning that all of our trips are on pause, I thought it would be good to explore some maps and try to hunt out some sections of Bridlepath and Woodland trails in the north of the county and link them up with some roads and cycleways. The aim of these rides is to stimulate the lockdown brain, see new places within a couple of hours from home, learn some more about where I live, perhaps get a bit lost, challenge the comfort zone and add some sections to that mental map of Sussex to be able to piece together some even bigger loops for the future.

There’s a bit of everything in terms of terrain. It’s about 50% road and 50% offroad. There are some main road sections that are quiet at the moment, might be different when the Nation is back to work. It’s definitely a spring to late summer ride. Mid Sussex bridleways can get seriously boggy in the winter. I rode it on May 13th and it was dry all the way around. Whilst the lockdown is on, take some snacks and drinks with you. Cafes and Tea rooms are shut. If you get desperate then at 23KM you will find the Pease Pottage Services through a gap in the hedge on your left. Waitrose next to Haywards Heath Station is open for pre and post-ride snacks.

I rode it on my MASON In Search Of. Any off-road type of bike will do with any tyres if it’s dry. Just don’t do it on a road bike if you value your teeth, wrists and arse!

Let’s all try to keep ourselves being able to ride without further restrictions and minimise our impact on the local land and the Emergency services.

  • Ride Safely
  • Wear gloves / take hand sanitiser.
  • Don’t wipe your face after touching gates.
  • Allow fellow riders, walkers, horse riders and runners to get out of the way and create a good distance to pass.
  • Respect the land and help farms to protect their workers by staying on designated paths.
  • Don’t spit and shoot snot all over the route. Take some tissues. Easy.

Here is the route for you to download and try for yourself. I will add some more to the Journal over the coming weeks.

Click HERE for the route

Enjoy, Nick

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